Honda's "US Open of Surfing" Huntington Beach, CA
Northrop Grumman Chorus
West Hollywood Pride Fest
Redondo Beach Pier Kite Fest
Honeywell Corp. employee Earth Day
M.B. 10K Run
Partnership In Action Friendship Walk
Long Beach Pride Festival
"Suzie's"....Hermosa Beachw/Dick Dale &the Slack Tones
Redondo Bch Hands On Art
Manhattan Beach Fireworks Event
Norco Prison
Los Angeles Rock and Roll Marathon
Redondo Beach 10 Run
Malibu Marathon
La Tierja Festival
Power Plant Holiday Bazaar
Below is a list of just some of "FreeToBeMe" appearances:
Our drum circle is a group of 3 or 4 professional drummers using primitive, as well as contemporary hand drums and percussion instruments, facilitating crowd participation to create a phenomenal, spontaneous, musical expression which promotes laughing, singing, dancing, and beautiful music.
Your birthday, anniversary, or holiday party will be the talk of the town with Sabina adding to the fun. How about a drum circle block party with the whole neighborhood swaying to the beat of the drums!! Sabina can liven up any awards night, banquet, community event, convention, corporate function, festival, fund raiser, even your business?s Grand Opening! Contact Sabina at
Sabina is available as a solo performer, or with her band of professional/volunteer drummers, the Tribe of Angels.
Something magical happens on party night. The beating of the drums is matched only by the pounding of the hearts as everyone is joined in spirit by the most powerful instrument in the world....the drum. The drum circle is organized and led by Sabina Sandoval . The mood is one of freedom. The mother-beat is introduced, and everyone is free to go where his or her hands and heart leads them; whether to dance to the rhythm, or add to it on the drum. When the time comes to say goodnight, no one is ready to let go of the energy. As the beat winds down, someone takes it back up, until the clock on the wall finally cuts it off.

No experience is necessary. If you can clap, you can drum, shake a tamourine, use a percussion instrument or dance. This is your chance to experience something new. Contact us today, we book fast.

All Women's Beach Party
Let our spirits soar, and the pulse of the earth be felt, by people united by the healing rhythm, the pounding of our hearts, with one of the most powerful instruments in the world....the DRUM.
Sabina Sandoval - teacher/facilitator/musician
30 years experienced drummer/percussionist
Northrop Grumman Spacepark Chorale
"Christmas is the Warmest Time of the Year"
"Your body speaks to you in a symphony
of rhythms - the drum returns the call."
In a workshop Sabina will use the drum as an
approach where drum rhythms promote healing
and self-expression. From the shamons of
Mongolia to the Minianka healers of West Africa,
therapeutic rhythm techniques have been used
for thousands of years to create and maintain
physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Current research is now verifying the therapeutic
effects of drumming rhythm techniques. Recent
research indicates that drumming accelerates
physical healing, boosts the immune system and
produces feelings of well-being, a release of
emotional trauma, and reintegration of self.

Sabina has been drumming for over 30 years as a
performer, teacher, and facilitator for both adults and children. In addition to entertaining at a variety of private and corporate events, Sabina is the founder of the "Free To Be Me Drum Circle" bringing drumming to the elderly, mentally challenged, convalescents, prisoners, and to teens at risk. She also has a monthly drum circle on the sand in Hermosa Beach.

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Fifteen thousand years ago drummers produce
their first record on the wall of a deep dark cave.
It is not a 45 or LP but a record of cave men History.
Hidden for eons and uncovered this century.
Even then artists had a hard time being discovered.
Cave men sketched lively stick figures of pre-historic
musician shaman holding drums and shakers.
Today the belly of Mother Earth gives birth to knowledge of music makers who led to future chants, opera, jazz, rock and roll and it won't stop with Hip Hop.
Drums are round and follow a path that circles the world.
Percussionists like Sabina form drum circles for
love of life and give those who join in, the joy of rhythm.
Under her direction passing years don't count
Drummers young as the incoming tide and old as gravity end up on the same note and crash of a sunset cymbal.
Life is a circle mysterious and romantic as the moon,
Hot as flames in sun's ring of fire, cool and beautiful as snowflakes that angels roll into snowballs in heaven.
Sabina leads our heart beat and we feel
Free to Be Me.
The Drum Circle ends up where it starts like infinity.

Wanda Van Hoy Smith
Weddings Family Reunions Birthday Parties
You will be cheered, admired & supported by the neighborhood with your very own Drum Circle birthday party.
For a treat that will live in your memory forever, book your party with Sabina today. No one does it like Free To Be Me Drum Circle.

Make your wedding so unique, your guests will be talking about it for years to come. What a great way to get friends and family involved in your special day. Enough drums and percussion will be provided for all to participate.
What better way to connect with family members than coming together and being joined in spirit by the most powerful instrument in the world, the drum.
contact us at 310-944-5475
or by email at
Malibu Wedding
Family Reunion Celebration
Beach Party
Children's Parties
Redondo Beach Chalk It Up Festival
San Diego Pride Festival
Peace Alliance Group
Skethcher's Pier to Pier Walk
L.A. Coliseum USC Pete Carroll's "A Better LA"
Kiwanna's 25th anniversary "Mama Liz Thanksgiving Dinner
Antonio Villaraigosa "Fiera de Libro" at City Hall
CNN News captures "Free To Be Me" at Redondo Beach Pier
Redondo Beach Seaside Lagoon 4th of July Celebration
Mama Palooza - Go Green - LA Convention Center
Hermosa Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade
CA Institute for Women
San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon
P.S. I Love You event
Mama Palooza Earth Day, Hermosa Beach
Seaside Lagoon Lobster Fest Redondo Beach
Echo Park Earthday
Mama Liz Thanksgiving Dinner "Serving the Community"
Are you looking for a Drum circle, lessons, workshop, performer, volunteer opportunity, something new for your private or corporate party? You've found it! Female drummer/percussionist, Sabina Sandoval, is teacher, facilitator, musician, and performer. Learn about her charities, after-school enrichment program, Kool Kid Drummers, Tribe of Angels, community involvement, and how you can experience the thrill, the fun, the healing... of the drum.
Hermosa Bch Comm. Drum Circle
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Tribe of Angels all volunteer group
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We bring the fun and the music to you, along with crowd participation, rhythmic games, limbo, conga line, etc. Everyone gets a drum and percussion instrument of their own. We promise..... we guarantee to bring you a passionate drumming event like no other.

Any and all occasions:
marathons, bar mitzvahs, house warmings, holidays, birthday parties for all ages, anniversaries, corporate events, and beyond.