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Describing the Tribe

I originate musically from a band, a group / Tribe, so I organically, naturally gravitated towards that same method/ formula with Free To Be Me Drum Circle, meaning bass guitar, drum set, lead singer, and lead guitar…. a full Rock primitive Soulful band / Tribe.
The Djuns, which are drums from Africa, made of solid wood and cowhide, are the bass guitar.
The Congas and the Bongos are the lead singer, which is the songbird that sings in and out of all the rhythms.
The Djembe and timbale's are the lead guitar.
Then we have the natural rock and roll drum set, which completes the band, influenced with Rock, Soul, Funk, organic primal tribal primitive healing rhythms.
And then the facilitator/ director, which leads the crowd participation into loving educational rhythmic games that keep them interchanged with dance and song. They cannot resist to interact and reach down deep into their freedom. Each member of the tribe that serve the music, along with the guest and volunteers, are those who eat, sleep, and drink music / serving...... for them, like me, are the catalyst, the train. Then everybody jumps on, while complementing each others rhythmic personalities, like no other. It becomes one phenomenal elation of emotional, sacred healing.
Corny, but true. So get ready to rock and roll and groove… move to the trueness of your natural ability to drum.
Duties of the  Volunteer
      A volunteer for Free To Be Me Drum Circle is expected to mingle with the crowd, encouraging participation, handing out percussion instruments, passing out flyers, taking photos or video if they have a camera/smart phone.
      The volunteer will help with ensuring the drums and percussion instruments are respected and played correctly. 
      The volunteer will help with the unloading, and reloading, of the van, and setting up, and dismantling of the circle.
      Any volunteer using Free To Be Me Drum Circle as a means of earning credits, such as students, will not leave early, and will have their proof of participation signed by Sabina Sandoval.
Eden White with Sabina