For several years Sabina has taught drumming to adults and kids, alike. She gives private lessons, and has taught at the following schools: Jefferson Elementary, Lennox, CA; Lennox Middle School, Lennox, CA; Lincoln Elementary, Washington Elementary, and Jefferson Elementary in Redondo Beach, CA. Her students perform at school and community events.
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The FREE TO BE ME DRUM CIRCLE is a group of people that come together to create the music of life through one
of the most universal and powerful instruments in the world: the DRUM
In our circle, no experience is necessary. We will bring out what is already inside you---the awareness of your own rhythm that adds to the unity of the world.
So let's rock this earth with the beat of our DRUMS!
Easter Seals / ARC Hermosa Beach, CA
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Quotes from some of the people we have helped:
"I just wanted to let you know that I was so excited to see the drum circle on the 4th of july, It was so amazing! I loved it sooo much, I can't wait to go see you guys again at Hermosa. It was so beautiful; the energy and the power of the drumming, It brought tears to my eyes. It's amazing to see you so into it, i just loved it, and so did my baby boy (he's 19 months). I just wanted to let you know that it was such an amazing experience and I've never seen anything like it, especially not right in front of my eyes to where I'm really feeling it. Thank you so much for being such an amazing drummer and showing the crowd how to drum as a group. It is so beautiful. Thank you."
Michelle Gomez San Pedro, CA

Girls Incorporated of Orange County: "Thank you for the time and effort that you put toward the drum circle for our girls. "A workshop such as yours has helped the girls become more aware of music and rhythm in their lives."

Easter Seals: "Our developmentally disabled clients look forward to their monthly drumming session. I would encourage anyone to invite Sabina and her volunteers to hold a drum circle and see for themselves the calmness and peace that everyone participating experiences."

Canyon Verde: an activity center for adults with special needs: "Your contribution was unique and created wonderful memories for all involved."

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Free To Be Me Drum Circle has stepped it up a notch, by providing drum circles to prison inmates.
This is our fourth year participating in the incredible Partnership Walk.
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Kelly Fitzgerald sings at Convalescent Hospital
Free To Be Me / Neva
Dettling bring their magic.
Dorothy entertains fellow students of the Braille Institute.
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