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By playing drums together within a circle, they've learned to unite and play beyond their thoughts of fear and competition. They perform at community and charity events and need your gracious support!
The After School Drummers were invited to perform at the Los Angeles Coliseum for A Better LA. "Helping to change communities from within". The event was a result of Pete Carroll's philantropic work to create a better L.A. through public awareness and big events like L.A. Live Peace. Also present were these other amazing leaders from our communities: L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca, Unity One's Bo Taylor, L.A.P.D. deputy chief, Charlie Beck, and Homies Unidos' Alex Sanchez. Previous to the performance was a march of dignataries, parents, children, and others interested in the cause, urging everyone to live peace. As the marchers poured into the stadium through the players' tunnel, the After School Drummers motivated and inspired them with high energy and enthusiasm with the drums. Also performing was the choir from the AGAPE International Spiritual Center of Culver City. Sabina welcomed the choir to dance down the line to the rhythm of the drums with the kids. Following their performance the drummers received a standing ovation from the community crowd and high recognition from the amazing leaders, Pete Carroll's special guests.
Free To Be Me Drum Circle and the Kool Kid Drummers were featured performers on the Redondo Beach Pier for the Chalk It Up Festival. Sabina brought plenty of drums and percusion instruments so everyone could join in the fun of crowd participation with Sabina's all volunteer heavy hitters. They are well known professionals who give their time openly to the non-profit FTBM. Also at the event was a young, talented, vibrant woman/dancer/performer, GULLY. She twirls her way into the rhythm inspired by the drum circle. She was joined by many dancers from the crowd.
Sabina's after school program is a group of children that come together to create a rhythm through one of the most powerful instruments in the world: the DRUM!
If you would like to view these kids in action, have chills go up your spine, possibly a tear in your eye, and a roar of laughter,
click a link to view the video:
Drum Art Work created by Giselle Appert
When I Drum
When I drum I can hear my heart beat
I feel excitement from my head to my feet
It takes away my pain and worry
I don't feel like I'm in such a hurry.

When I am drumming I feel free
My troubles fly away from me
And in comes all the peace and love

My spirit soars just like a dove.

When I am drumming with my friends
I feel like we are family
And when we drum we sound like one
One heart, one soul, one mind.
Poem by Sean Scheuering age 12
How To Get With Our Program
Support a drum program
Your child can be a part of a program just like this, and he or she can experience a lifetime of musical satisfaction by learning to play the drum. But we need your help! Below is a list of things that you and other parents can do to support or help in the implimentation of a drum program in your child's school.

The After School Drummers were honored to play for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the Los Angeles Reading Festival, "Feria del Libro". They started by marching, along with Los Angeles School District dignitaries several blocks through downtown from City Hall, followed by a rousing performance. After the performance, they were joined by Mayor Villaraigosa for a photo shoot, where they delighted him by playing a drum rhythm especially for him. The kids were then given $10 each, for the purchase of the books of their choice. As the kids wondered back with their purchases, they sat on the ground and began reading. The day was full of music, fun, and exposure to some great books.
Increases SAT Scores
There is a direct correlation between improved SAT scores and the length of time spent studying the arts. College-bound seniors who'd had school music experience scored 52 points higher on the verbal portion of the SATs and 37 points higher in math (89 points combined) than those without arts instruction.
--Profiles of SAT and Achievement Test Takers, The College Board, 1998

Improves Skills Across The Curriculum
Studies have linked active music making with better language and math ability, improved school grades, better-adjusted social behavior, and improvements in "spatial-temporal reasoning."
--American Music Conference, 2001

Teaches The Habit Of Excellence
"The offerings in music history, music theory, and arts history seem to me a rich and enviable component for a secondary school."
--Stanford University Admissions Officer

Prepares Youth For The Future
"As a chief executive of a technology company that thrives on creativity, I want to work with people whose imaginations have been unleashed and who tackle problems as challenges rather than see them as obstacles. An education enriched by the creative arts would be considered essential for everyone."
--John Sculley, former Chairman/CEO, Apple Computers, Inc.

Music For Every Child
Because music is a basic expression of human culture, every student should have access to a balanced, comprehensive, and sequential program of study in music.
--National Standards for Arts Education, 1994 by Music Educators National conference (MENC)

Learning Responsibility
Instrumental music class promotes a desire to strive for personal excellence, and cultivates responsibility and mutual respect among students and their relationships with authority figures. While some students experience peer pressure to participate in unlawful acts and diviate from excepted norms, secondary students who participated in band or orchestra reported the lowest lifetime and current use of all substances (alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs).
--Texas Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Report, January, 1998 Houston Chronicle

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