About "Give a Kid a Drum Program"
One of the motivations of Free To Be Me Drum Circle is reaching out to give a kid a drum. These children are from Sabina's after school program where she teaches drum and percusion. The guideline to receiving a drum is by participating in the after school program through a decision of their own, motivated by enthusiasum and fun that they have while playing the drum. Sabina makes sure the parents are notified that their child has graduated to owning a drum. For the rest of their lives, they will have this drum. They are told not to tell the student because we want to surprise him/her. We create a time when the parents bring their child to the chosen location. We present the drum and there are smiles everywhere. Afterwards, we start drumming and celebrating along with the student and his/her family.
Andrew & Sabina
Sharalle & Vanessa
Yanali & Sandra
Priscilla & Giselle
Siblings Citlalli and Eddie receive drums
Free To Be Me Drum Circle reaches out to people from all walks of life. This gentleman, in a stroke rehabilitation center, was the proud recipient of a drum. Albert had been a frequent participant at the drum circles and was extremely happy to own his own drum, and will be keeping up with his drumming skills, joining the circles in spirit, even though he is unable to attend in person.
George and Bonnie
Bonnie, George, and Sabina
Gray Shaw receives
his new drum.
Nick Roth donates & presents drum to Ashley
Brian receives a drum. The Mulkin family donated money for drums to be donated to students who exhibit a natural talent for drumming.
Brian and Sabina
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