Billy sings
Drumming Hands by Giselle Appert
Drum Stand by Allie Chiprin & Luke
Scott Burlingame
Marietta Rivero
Chimes painted by JoAnn Pine
"Tribute Drum"
Featuring drums by other artists.
"Ecuador" by Vickie Myers
"Sun and Moon"Nate Gibson
"Sun Love Drum" by Vanesa Andrade - Artlife Gallery Director
"Soul Train" by Sharalle Woods & Makana Drummer & Artist
"Galaxy" by Frances
"Peace, Love, Hope" by Allie Chiprin
Manhattan Beach Pier drum by Steve Gaffney
Charlie the beginning Ruby (sis) & Jessica (mom) "Hands On"
Charlie's Gift
Charles Levine puts the finish on the drum stands.
Drum under the sun -----------
up in the sky
on the sand ------------
joined by the
spirit of the drum.
Elizabeth Paravici
"Super Heroes"
Charlie's drum - completed
Cameron Clarke's "Green Machine"
Ocean drum
"The Drummers" drum
"Rain Forest" drum
the Mayan Drum
ftbm_index010004.jpg ftbm_index010003.jpg ftbm_index010002.jpg
Native American drum
Phoebe's "King Cat" drum
"Coral/Turquoise" painted for Viola,
owner of restaurant "Don Rogelio's"
"String a Ling" "Spoonin" "Grape Balls of Fire"
Thomas Lindblum
"Evolution of Love"
Izzy's Drum
Taped Drum - Ella Pon
face painter
Sabina's nephew,Billy Dean Watson
shares his talents
Beginning of Billy's Drum
Billy's Drum
A drum is only as good as it's 'head'.
The head is the skin of an animal, usually a female goat, or cow.

George Solorzano
Chuck Durham making drum stands
JoAnn Pine
Mayan symbols interpreted
"Elements" Lauren Frick
Peace - All Cultures
Pinky Tuscadero
by Sabina Sandoal and Motherland Music
Miguel's Oxaca Drum
Ed's Flower Drum
The beginning of the making / Center point
Hermosa Bch Comm. Drum Circle
Drum Circle Parties
Tribe of Angels all volunteer group
Incredible Events Videos
Free To Be Me Charities
Kool Kid Drummers
Give A Kid A Drum
Drum Art
Learn to Drum
Sabina's Autobiography
Incredible Events Slideshows
In The News
After School Enrichment Program
Educational Show & Tell Academic Hour
Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star Drum
More beautiful drum art by local talent.
Cynthia Hernandez
Twinkle Twinkle
Little Star
by Danielle
Lion King
by Eden White