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Mother - Alfa
Sabina 7yrs
Sabina now
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Sabina's brothers and sisters
Sabina's Roots
All Female
Stephanie, Dee, Sandy K. Hunter, Sabina, Wendy
Sabina's (age 16) first band.
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Free To Be Me Drum Circle Sabina Sandoval
1997 until 2001
Sabina was a social worker during the week and a Venice Beach entertainer from Friday through Sunday
Sabina has recorded albums and played with some of the best in the business; from drumming with local all-female bands in Hermosa, to opening for such greats as Pat Benatar, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, and more. But after 35 years of drumming, Sabina was re-invented as a drummer. Following a job related back injury, she was forced to give up her drum set and turned to a hand drum, the djembe.

She eventually created an after school enrichment program, "Free To Be Me Kool Kid Drummers", and now teaches in LAUSD, Redondo Beach, and Manhattan Beach schools. Her non-profit, all volunteer organization, "Free To Be Me Drum Circle" goes into prisons, convalescent homes, schools and Hermosa Beach, every third Sunday of the month, for the past 12 years. Sabina helps teach individuals about their natural innate rhythm, and how to tap into it, celebrate their lives, be free and help each other one of the most powerful instruments in the world, the DRUM.
Sabina Sandoval Musician, Hermosa Beach, CA
New York Subway 1982
recording an album
Hermosa Beach, CA
Gregory Wy Beverly Hills, CA 1980
Spontaneous Drum Set Solo
Hermosa Bch Comm. Drum Circle
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Tribe of Angels all volunteer group
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Sabina Along the Years
Sabina revisits Salt Lake City, Utah and facilitates the Liberty Park Drum Circle, which she was instrumental in founding 22 years ago.
First Free To Be Me banner, 1993, by Ghiselle Paris, Salt Lake City, Utah
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" The Drummer That Would"
The Delicate Arch, Moab Utah
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Sabina Sandoval helped launch the Liberty Park drum circle in 1995. She moved to Hermosa Beach, Calif., in 1997, where she currently operates the nonprofit Free To Be Me Drum Circle (FreeToBeMeDrumCircle.com). Sandoval visited the circle in August and shares her thoughts with City Weekly. The Liberty Park drum circle meets every Sunday, on the north side of the pond at around 2 p.m. CLICK FOR FULL STORY
Sabina Sandoval is drumming today with a spirit that feels as if it has never shined brighter.
The California native returned on Sunday, spirit in tow, to the Liberty Park drum circle to remind everyone, she says, of what the circle is all about.
[The drum circle] is about music, and camaraderie, and the people, and the children, and education and love, Sandoval says.
Alongside 12 others, Sandoval was instrumental in founding the drum circle 22 years ago. She was like the mother of the circle, she says, nurturing it and aiming to make the circle a healing and transformative experience for youth and adults in the Salt Lake community. CLICK FOR FULL STORY
People's Court
Judge Wapner
Nov 15, 1919 - Feb 26, 2017
(age 97)
Venice Beach Interview
Sabina Sandoval, drummer/percussionist
Sabina Sandoval
General Motors Technician 1991
Juan Carlos sings
Easter Seals Hermosa Beach
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